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About Us

For all your research needs feel free to contact us on 01923 354076 or email us here.

Our History

Trend Market Research Ltd was established by Stacey and Daliah in 2013. Our aim is to identify and recruit suitable participants for various types of market research studies commissioned and conducted by our clients.

We provide a range of research services, including finding respondents for focus groups (both face-to-face and online), telephone interviews, in-home interviews, online focus groups, individual interviews, assisted shops, product trials, and more.

Over the years we have been successful in building a large online database of respondents. This database is constantly expanding and with such a large network and covering the UK nationwide, we are able to look for individuals from various backgrounds and from locations across all of the UK, including all major UK cities and towns. This allows us to source respondents from diverse walks of life to meet our clients' specific research criteria.

Our Capabilities 

Trend Market Research specialises in recruiting respondents for a variety of different research fields, including consumer studies, business-to-business research, medical patient studies, and technology-related research. Working with such a variety of different fields shows our capability of working with a broad spectrum of expertise in market research recruitment.

The Personal Touch

Each research project that we work on is managed by a dedicated project manager. This approach ensures a personal connection between our clients and the chosen respondents throughout the research process. Maintaining this personal touch is crucial for building strong working relationships.

Get Paid For Your Opinions

Opinions are the foundation for the development of many aspects of life and we rely on the public and individuals for vital input.  You are incentivised sharing opinions for every project.

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